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Upload your music in Collectiv, and your songs would be spread around the globe in no time! We distribute those tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes – and everywhere people stream.


We distribute your music

Get your music out to the world in a flash! Collectiv offers the world's best platform to get you noticed on all selected stores and streaming services, quickly. All it takes is one step - take control of your opportunities! Watch as the stage lights up for you!


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Receive the rewards for your music streaming and downloads directly into your Collectiv account! We make it easy to collect revenue from fans with no hidden fees or additional charges.

Our Channels

our channels


Wide range of services, and payment options to suit the diverse needs of the artists.
Ranging from a new artist making an entry in the music field to a seasoned artist, we have it all sorted!

New Artist


Kick-start your career with unlimited releases to Social Platforms.

Breakout Artist


Release unlimited music along with advanced features to customize your releases.



Release unlimited music and gain access to premium products and services.

Pay Per Release

Single - $5.99 (15% royalty)

Album -$ 20.99 (renews the

following year $40.99 along with 15% royalty)

Label 50 50 bands/artists


Label 100 100 bands/artists


Why Collectiv?

One-stop-shop music distribution platform, to amplify your music.

Partnered with a plethora of digital stores and streaming services.

A passionate in-house team with a lot of experience supporting the music community.

Competitive pricing strategy, with a variety of payment options to choose from.

Global reach across newer geographies, and ever-growing fanbase.

Easily track your sales and streams across platforms.

Always a priority

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